“I’ve been treated well by our customer service staff. Yes, very well. I was especially impressed with John from the sales staff. The staff is quick to respond to any questions and had our new site up and running almost immediately. My favorite aspect of the system are the multiple ways to capture prospect information and get them into an *automated* lead generation/patient conversion system. Web advertising is the present and the future. You need a strong web presence and this is something we as doctors don’t have the time to create and manage. You need a company that can drive new patients to you and brand your image. As far as this goes, Totalautopilot does it all!”

Dr. V Schwantes

“I received 6 or more responses from your first mailing, a blessing! One patient was poverty stricken and could not afford gas to get to the office, so I was able to help her out by phone. Good job! Thank You!”

Monte Meldman MDS

“Hi Pat, A little testimonial for you…the systems I’ve created for the last two offices have worked awesome. One clinic generated 325K in business in one year, from the system I put in place for them. Pat’s system was instrumental in this for us.”

Dr. Brian Beckner, CA

“Hi Pat, I have to admit, I’m not even close to using the system to it’s full potential but I consistently get at least 2 new patients per month and I’ve already added 20-30K in additional income to my practice. This is such a nice system and really helps take the stress off!”

Dr. William Moyal, Miami Beach, FL

Pat, I have seen many marketing programs, some really good, but I have to say, your materials are absolutely fabulous! I really wish I had found this stuff before wasting thousands of dollars on other marketing methods that haven’t worked for me in the past. Your chiropractic marketing system is ridiculously easy and has been increasing my mailing list by at least 10-15 emails per week. I love it!!”

Sam Visnic, Lawndale, CA

“Hi Pat, I just want to tell you this system is awesome! I’ve not only been using it in my own practice and getting 5-10 new patients each month, but I’ve been recommending it to everyone, especially all of my consulting clients! Thanks for everything and I look forward to continuing to work with you for years to come!”

Dr. Erich Breitenmoser, Temecula CA

“Dear Pat, I’ve already signed up for the Platinum service. I’m still learning to use your amazing service. Today with my PR CA I went to the newspaper for a trial run on some of the ads. It was sooo simple! All the scripting, design was done for me. It follows the Dan Kennedy pattern, the most successful direct and lead generational marketing style. All the toll-free numbers were not only available, but I didn’t have to do the recording! I DID NOTHING BUT HAND DELIVER THE ADVERTIZEMENTS TO THE AD LADY! I didn’t even have to do that, as I can FAX them as is! Also, THE BEST TELEPHONE SCRIPTS WERE MADE AVAILABLE WHICH I DOWN-LOADED AND PRINTED UP FOR MY STAFF! (I’ve been around, as I am a almost 70-year-old chiropractor.) Pat you’ve designed the best “automated” public relations system I’ve ever seen. In the past I wrote scripts developed ads, got the toll-free numbers, with a lot of hard work and frustrations. THANKS FOR DEVELOPING AN EASY PR SYSTEM. Doc’s are crazy not to use your services which are outrageously inexpensive. Thanks for helping rescue the wonderful, but endangered profession of chiropractic. You have my permission to use part or all of this testimony. A great full client.”

Ross D. Lyon, D.C.

“Just this week we’ve pulled in 25 leads and 5 new patients! Our practice will generate an additional $50,000 this year due to your system! Plus your customer support has been great! What would I say another Chiropractor considering using your system? Two words: BUY IT!”

Dr. Melvin D’Souza, B.S., D.C. Chicago, IL

“After using the system for a short time, I’ve gotten over 100 new patients since I started using the system. I plan on gaining an additional $60,000 this year alone! Thanks for always being there and answering our questions too!”

Dr. Mark Prather, Riverside CA

“In my FIRST WEEK of using the system, I’ve gotten 15 leads, 10 new appointments, 5 new patients and added $7000 in revenue! Consistently we get about 130 leads per week and 10 new patients! If you’re a Chiropractor considering buying the Instant Chiropractic Marketing System, let me tell you this is a great system, buy it!”

Christopher Bowe, Pleasantville, NJ!

“Pat is always there to help, always there to return calls. I’m barely using the system and I’m getting 4 new patients per month. I would definitely recommend that you try this system!”

Dr. Zammito, Forked River NJ